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Standards of Fairness

An online casino must demonstrate its fairness and randomness, as well as its ability and willingness to pay its winners. Below are the 10 abiding factors for the Standards of Fairness.

1. The casino must continue to pass random mathematical tests of their game software (does not apply to Silver memberships).
2. All games must accurately play by the posted rules.
3. If there is a free version of the game software, it must play by the same rules and odds as the real money version.
4. All claims of odds and payout percentages must be true.
5. Any simulation of a real-world gaming device, such as cards or dice must, statistically, behave precisely the way that device would in real life.
6. All wagers must be protected in the case of power failure or player disconnection.
7. The Member Gaming Provider must pay any winnings and allow the withdrawal of unused deposits to Players who abide by the SafeBet Player Standards
8. Player disputes must be handled efficiently and accurately. SafeBet will arbitrate disputes at the Platinum level, assist in disputes at the Gold level, and log and monitor disputes at the Silver level.
9. Complete logs must be maintained of every player transaction and game.
10. Players, who abide by the SafeBet Player Standards, must have access to the Player’s account and the right to communicate with a casino representative about the Player’s account.

As SafeBet Members agree to uphold the 10 Standards of Fairness, so must all Players that submit disputes with SafeBet agree to the following:

1. The Player must abide by the rules of the Gaming Provider at all times.
2. The Player, family or household address must have only one active account with one physical address and valid e-mail address for each gaming provider, unless specifically directed otherwise by the gaming operator.
3. When using a credit/debit card, the Player may only use a card in their name or must be a registered user.
4. The Player must play strictly for enjoyment and in the spirit of the game. SafeBet cannot pursue claims for any Player who does not place their own money at risk.
5. The Player should never, in any case, chargeback charges to a credit card, unless specifically directed to do so by SafeBet. SafeBet considers a chargeback fraudulent. A Player who requests a chargeback to a SafeBet Member forfeits all rights to submit any dispute with SafeBet, and gives SafeBet the right to publicly label said Player "fraudulent."
6. The Player is to communicate with courtesy in all dealings with representatives of gaming providers.
7. The Player agrees to the SafeBet statute of limitations that no dispute may be submitted 60 days or more from the date of incident.
8. The Player must at all times during play be "of age," which is understood and agreed here to be "21." (The overwhelming majority of gaming operations have settled upon this age. SafeBet recognizes both the jurisdictions of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as the N.A.T.I. - North American Training Institute (experts in problem gambling) as its basis for this decision.)
9. The Player agrees to provide the gaming provider with any reasonable information required. This includes the use of "fax-back" forms for securing identification and copies of both sides of the credit/debit card used, as well as photo I.D.'s. Forms must be complete and correct when submitted.
10. The Player agrees to provide SafeBet (in a timely manner) any and all information requested by SafeBet to assist in Dispute Resolution.