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About SafeBet

The independent Internet casino testing laboratory. SafeBet was organized in 1998 to monitor online casinos and help protect gamblers from unscrupulous casino operators

In order for an online casino to be certified by SafeBet, it must pass certain tests in both technology and policy depending upon it's level of membership. For Gold and Platinum memberships, both Policy and Technology apply. For Silver memberships, only Policy Adherement apply.


As every member must agree in writing touphold the Standards of Fairness, so are the standards binding on the Member. The Gaming Provider guarantees to the Player that upholds the Safebet Player Standards, that when the Player wins, the money is paid in a timely manner. Players who abide by the SafeBet Player Standards have the right to levy a complaint against any Member through the SafeBet Dispute Resolution Section of this website. A Gaming Provider that fails to live up to the Standards of Fairness, after due process, will be discharged from Membership.


The casino must pass arbitrary, ongoing software audits. The audits are designed to ensure the fairness and honesty of the software, it's rules and odds. Testing is done remotely to members' software throughout each calendar year, on an arbitrary basis, and the member casino has no idea when these audits are taking place. This method of testing ensures that the casino cannot modify its software after testing is complete.

In this testing process, SafeBet engineers, and automated testing agents, play hundreds of thousands of games, and record every single result for further mathematical analysis. After a statistically significant amount of data is collected about a casino, SafeBet's team of mathematicians carefully analyzes this data to verify randomness of the casino. Only after this process can an online casino bear the SafeBet seal on their website.